Thursday, June 11, 2009

Point of Grace, Jaime Jamgochian and more...
What an exciting past couple of days we have had here in Nashville! Point of Grace blessed us the other night with their amazing hearts and voices as they put on a mini-concert at the Nashville Mercy Ministries Home. This mini-concert was the grand prize for any of our individuals that ran in the Country Music Marathon that raised $1000 or more—and for any of our groups that ran who raised $1500 or more. Each winner that was here to celebrate was truly touched by the intimate night of worship with Point of Grace.

Nancy Alcorn with Point of Grace

Point of Grace with Run for Mercy team

Point of Grace with Anna Dunn Fonville

Yesterday, Jaime Jamgochian met us for lunch at the Puffy Muffin to celebrate with our grand prize individual winner, Anna Dunn Fonville. It was fun for all to share how we each got connected with Mercy Ministries—and to hear where the Lord has each person serving in different areas of life—but relating over the common bond of supporting Mercy Ministries. To date, $22,800 has been raised for Mercy Ministries from our runners in the Country Music Marathon—and over $6,000 of this money was raised by Anna Dunn from Raleigh, NC. Thank you to all for reaching out to friends and families and bringing these donations in for Mercy! We have been truly blessed by your support.

Lunch with Jaime Jamgochian

If you missed participating in the Country Music Marathon in April and would like to join up with “Run for Mercy” in Nashville, TN—feel free to send an email to today for more information about upcoming events.